Hudson Valley Attorney for Executor Removal Proceedings

In an estate or trust context, the executor or trustee is managing and investing funds for the benefit of the beneficiaries.  What happens when the executor or trustee does not communicate with the beneficiary or makes imprudent investments?  What recourse to you as a beneficiary have if you think the fiduciary is self-dealing?

Hudson Valley Lawyer With Experience in Executor Removal Proceedings

I am an attorney with significant experience in the area of fiduciary removal proceedings.  I have represented clients in proceedings either on behalf of a fiduciary or a beneficiary concerning the fiduciary’s removal as an executor or trustee.

Several common grounds for the removal of an executor or trustee are self-dealing, being where a fiduciary uses his or her position for personal gain, gross mismanagement, failure to account, and violations of court orders or court rules.  I will conduct a thorough review of the case to determine and implement the best strategy possible.

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