Landlord-Tenant and Evictions

Ulster and Orange County Landlord-Tenant and Evictions Attorneys

At the Hudson Valley law firm, Law Offices of James Yastion, PLLC, we represent both landlords and tenants in Orange, Ulster and Dutchess Counties in disputes regarding commercial and residential leases in commencing or defending suits seeking damages, specific performance of the lease agreement, and/or injunctive relief based on breaches of the lease agreement.

We have experience representing commercial landlords and tenants in some of the most complex of lease disputes involving potential damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We will also represent landlords and tenants in summary eviction proceedings in local courts.  A landlord is permitted to bring a summary proceeding for holdover where it is claimed that the tenant remains in possession of the lease premises after the expiration of the lease term.  Another tool available to the landlord is a proceeding for eviction based on non-payment of rent.  These are both expedited civil proceedings that can often be resolved within five to twelve days from the filing of the proceeding in court.

We will also employ the best strategies and defenses on behalf of a residential or commercial tenant who is being threatened with eviction to either remain in the premises, seek a rent abatement, or other relief.  A commercial tenant that claims the landlord falsely accused them of violating the terms of a lease can petition the court for a Yellowstone injunction. These injunctions prohibit tenants from being evicted and allow them to have time to cure the alleged default.

In the case of a landlord, once the judgment is obtained, it still needs to be collected.  We have experience and are prepared to employ various collection tools on behalf of our landlord clients to locate and freeze assets and even collect assets from third parties who are either in possession assets of or owe money to the judgment debtor.

We also assist landlords in drafting and negotiating leases for both commercial and residential tenancies including vacation, apartment, home leases as well as triple net commercial leases.

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