Estate Planning For the Environment

With the long-term rise in oil prices and the near consensus that human conduct is contributing to climate change, people have become overnight converts to an ever growing array of new “green” lifestyle alternatives from the glamorous to the mundane — everything from hybrid vehicles to straw bale homes toRead More »

Are Irrevocable Trusts Really Irrevocable?

Effective Estate planning often includes implementing trusts which can be revocable or irrevocable.  The irrevocable variety can serve important objectives of a client including protection from claims of future creditors such as Medicaid or to transfer property out of the control of the grantor for estate tax savings such as anRead More »

Important Tips to Avoid a Will Contest

What you need to know in order to prevent a Will Contest in New York. When you sit down to work out your estate plan, it is wise to also take certain key precautions to avoid a will contest.  Even though an individual may be certain that his or herRead More »

What’s New with the Estate Tax After the Fiscal Cliff

What’s New with the Estate Tax After the Fiscal Cliff This is to briefly provide an update since the fiscal cliff deal on where the estate tax currently sits. The new tax law does not change the amount you can pass free of estate tax. With inflation adjustment , theRead More »